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Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg is a small Rhine river city in Eastern France that is just on the German border. It houses the largest French Christmas Market and is home to Alsace cuisine. Le pain l’épice and tarte flambe are two local favorites. The city also has numerous Michelin star restaurants as well as one of the largestContinue reading “Strasbourg, France”

Gemozac, Bordeaux, France

We flew Vueling Airlines from Barcelona to Bordeaux. Took the Navette Shuttle from the airport to the train station in downtown Bordeaux, 30 minute ride, 7€ each. We took the train to Saintes, 1hr 45min, 43€ each. Calvin picked us up from the train station in Saintes in his new Peugeot and we drove toContinue reading “Gemozac, Bordeaux, France”