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Athens, Greece

We flew from Santorini to Athens International and took the metro (10 euro each) direct into Central Athens- getting off at Syntagma. A 10 minute walk lated we arrived at Themelio Luxury Suites located in Plaka, the historic center of Athens, a tht foot of the Acropolis. It was a 4 room apartment complex with a courtyard. I booked our studio on Orbitz but is also an Airbnb ($100 per night with cleaning.)

We visited the Acropolis first thing in the morning, which happened to be across the street from our hotel (20 euro each ticket.) It was a Saturday and the place was PACKED with tourists and tour groups.

After we walked to the Central Athens Market, through the meat and fish stalls. The unique butcher cuts to Greece are whole lambs, whole goats, rabbits with the fur tail still on, cow tongues, cow livers and large pig feet.

For seafood there’s different sizes of octopus, cuttlefish, and large scale fresh fish.

By lunch tim we were tired of Greek food so we found the highly rated School Pizza Bar located between the Central Food Market and the Flea Market. We ordered a procuitto pizza at 12:45pm and the wait staff let it sit in the kitchen (and get cold) until we complained at 1:30pm that multiple customers who came after had already received and finished their food. We received a fresh (and undercooked) pizza over an hour after we ordered. That’s what we get for venturing off Greek food our last day in Greece.

We walked through the Flea Market- a mix of tourist junk and an actual home goods flea market, which we loved.

We continued walking and found ourselves passing ruins and back in the old town. We stopped for beers at Kosmikon, a very cute white painted restaurant in the heart of the old town. I tried the Amstel alcohol-free, which tasted exactly like Amstel light.

We spent the afternoon walking and shopping around the area. As a 18-month anniversary honeymoon gift Nick bought us an oil painting by Baari from Orlik Gallery. The painting reminds us of the Chania, Crete port.

We went back to Kosmikon for dinner, then to patisserie Diogenes for a last drink.

At 5am we ordered a Uber taxi and headed to the airport for our flight back home. At the airport we waited in the Goldair Lounge across from gate A11.


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